JSJ’s Birthday Party

Put on your dancin’ shoes, because it’s time to celebrate! If you’ve been to any of JSJ’s Birthday parties in the past, then you know what to expect. If not, you’re in for a treat! Especially since this year JSJ and Jesse Walker are combining their Birthday celebrations into one big dancefloor bash!

The birthday boys will be the only DJ’s on the decks to destroy your sensibilities. Hopefully the club will survive, since we’re quite fond of the W Lounge.

Jesse Walker (New City Movement)
JSJ (G Elect Presents! | Custom Model)

Jesse Walker / James Glines ( JSJ ) Birthday Dance
W Lounge
358 S. West Temple

Doors: 9pm | 21+
Free until 11pm | $5 after

Join us for an incredible night of celebration, as well as bidding bon voyage to the lovely Lee & Laura Croy!

LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls

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Welcome Home TOM SRVO


In the past 6 months, TOM SRVO has been working hard and spending a lot of time with his turntables. He released a new mix, DJ’d a couple of HUGE parties in Missouri and is FINALLY coming home to SLC to stay!!!

Join us as we celebrate his return, STIR FRIDAY style at W Lounge!!!

FLASH & FLARE (Scenester Siege | Stir Friday)
TOM SRVO (G Elect Presents!)


W Lounge
358 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City

Doors at 9pm | 21+
Event Info

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That IS What She Said

Tomorrow night, I will be part of the all-ladies lineup for That’s What She Said! A Benefit for Breast Cancer Awareness and Cure, presented by The Complex and PrissCo.

Featuring sounds by:
Just Jenn
Chíc Bangs
TinkFu & Julliette

Also featuring the beautiful, V2 GoGo’s!

Join us for a night where we join together and raise funds for local charities that provide support for those affected by Breast Cancer. Donations will also be given to charities that provide support services such as information regarding the disease and research for the cure.

During the event, we will host a raffle for tickets to V2 Events and Bondad Productions Events: The Mothership Tour featuring SKRILLEX, as well as Get Freaky!!

Information about the charities involved will be on hand, with tons of materials about Breast Cancer Awareness and support.

21+ w/ ID
Doors open at 9 PM
$5 suggested donation – All proceeds will be donated for breast cancer awareness, support and research.

In honor of this special event, I want to share tracks from three of my favorite ladies. Enjoy and see you tomorrow, when we help save some boobies!

Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Rusko Remix)

Kid Sister – Daydreaming (Douster Remix)

Uffie – Pop The Glock

– Chíc Bangs

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Groove Garden – End of Summer Party

This Sunday, September 18th, 3-8pm @ The Garage…

It’s the Groove Garden End of Summer Party with DJ’s
Alistair / Cory Bolo / Chaseone2 / Riche Boom / JSJ & Chíc Bangs / Mr. Jesse Walker & Friends

Don’t miss this final blow out on the patio with custom sound, full kitchen, specialty cocktails, games, and more more more!!!

Event info here.

To get you in a groovy mood, here’s a song you’re likely to hear from JSJ & Chíc Bangs:

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving James Brown Remix

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Slowtrain For Sale


Local, independent record store, Slowtrain, announced today that they intend to sell or close shop by the end of the year.
Please help spread the word, so that one of SLC’s treasures may remain open and in good hands. Details can be found within their press release here.

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DJ Mehdi Tribute

We woke up to very sad news today, the passing of one of the greatest Electro Producers. DJ Mehdi (Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, 1977 – 13 September 2011) of Ed Banger Records and half of the duo, Carte Blanche, is well respected in the dance community. We want to pay tribute and share our thoughts and some of our favorite works by this amazing artist.

“RIP Mehdi. I didn’t know you, but I was definitely influenced and changed by you.” – JSJ

“Too sad to put into words” – Sharkk Music

“One of the songs I listen to, to put me in a super happy mood is “Burial” by Miike Snow, DJ Medhi Remix.” – TOM SRVO

Miike Snow – Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)

“One of my all-time favorite songs [I Am Somebody]. RIP DJ Mehdi.” – Chíc Bangs

“…he was so adorable at coachella, dancing along the stage. 😦 Let’s all listen to this song [Signatune] in memory of him, one of my favorites.” – Jessie Wood

Just four days ago, DJ Mehdi released his 2011 Summer Mixtape, Tunisia, and shared these sentiments…

“…this mix is, quite humbly, dedicated to the people of my ancestors country, TUNISIA, for obvious reasons.

Also, shout-out to my 2011 summer crew, from Paris to Toulouse, NYC to LA, and Bali to Tokyo.

Love always,


Download Tunisia here.

May you rest in peace, DJ Mehdi, and may your family and friends be uplifted with an abundance of love at this difficult time.

Much love and respect,
G Elect Presents!

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The Heel Toe Project

The Heel Toe Project
“a photographic essay of walking in someone else’s shoes”

Shalee Cooper is an extremely talented international documentary photographer and curator, as well as a dear friend of mine. Her newest creative endeavor, The Heel Toe Project, is an incredible concept and you have the opportunity to participate.

About the project:
“it all started when i bought my first pair of used cowboy boots. for some reason i felt more confident when i wore them. almost like the person who had them before me left a part of themselves within the boot…

this began my obsession. i started buying used cowboy boots everywhere. the collection got a little out of hand and now I have 25 pair.

i am ready to part with them… sort of… i still want to know their story.

where will they go? what will they do? who will wear them? what will their new life will bring…”

Invitation to participate:
“the boots will go on sale at misc. boutique in salt lake city, september 16, at 7pm. (you can call to purchase them if you can’t make it to the event) they will be available to try on at misc. boutique this one night only.

with the boots will come a disposable camera.

you will photograph the new life of the boots and return the camera by october 17th.

then there will be an exhibition of select photographs from each participant at KAYO gallery november 18th from 6-9pm.

and we will continue to follow the life of the boots…”

I’m excited to follow this project and hope you’ll do the same. For more information, follow The Heel Toe Project here:



– Chíc Bangs

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Chíc Bangs

Photo by Steve Griffin, The Salt Lake Tribune

Now Salt Lake did a feature in this week’s issue on our very own, Chíc Bangs! She talks about her DJ style, the local scene and other musical projects she’s up to. Read the full article here and get to know her better. You can catch her DJ set tomorrow night at SLC’s best Indie dance club, W Lounge for their monthly Girls Night Out party!
Details and a download treat after the jump.

Special Guest Julliette will be joining Chíc Bangs and Cedes for September’s edition of the Girls Night Out party and the talented Heidi Gress will be the photographer for the evening, so dress to impress!!

Girls Night Out
358 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City
Doors 9pm | 21+
Free before 10:30 | $5 after
More info here.

Here’s a taste of what Chíc Bangs will include in her DJ set.
Chris Brown – Look at Me Now (AC Slater Remix)

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A couple of weeks ago, my good friend and fellow DJ Flash & Flare shared a link for a hot new emcee out of Atlanta, named Nikkiya. This lovely lady’s debut mixtape Speakher is out now and it’s one you’re gonna want. She garnered some deserved attention after being featured on YelaWolf‘s Speak Her Sex.
*side note…YelaWolf will be in SLC on October 6th at Urban Lounge.*

I’m a sucker for soulful vocals and clever lyrics, especially laid over a beat I can dance to. Speakher contains all of those elements. How could you not be a fan when her genre is Jammin’ and she counts Anita Baker, Sade, Ace of Base, Whitney Houston & Madonna as influences? Nikkiya is a name and face you will soon hear and see everywhere.

The standout track for me is Titanic and when I dropped it at last night’s Girls Night party, there was a sexy vibe on the dancefloor. Do yourself a favor and download Speakher for free right now!

Nikkiya – Titanic

Follow Nikkiya here:

-Chíc Bangs

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The Polish Ambassador

I recently had the are opportunity of conversing with a space man from the future. This hip hop loving spaceling had some interesting stories of where he is from and about music in the future. It was like nothing I have heard. I was so excited about this encounter that I had to document it and share it. Here is what he had to say.

So, where is home sweet home?
The idea of “home” is a notion I don’t cotton to. I was begat when a
Red Giant successfully put the moves on a Supernova. The Red Giant was
like, “Damn, Nova, you ‘bout to make this giant explode, for real.” 9
milliion years later I was “born”. They’re divorced now which makes
going home for the holidays a real pain in the ass.

Everyone has a couple favorite things about their hometown. What are yours?
My true hometown is a little section of the galaxy called SoGal, but I
doubt you want to hear much about that. It was a rough place to grow
up. If you went down the wrong block at the wrong time you could end
up being jumped, having your Air Jordans ripped right off your feet,
given an atomic wedgie, and thrown into a black hole only to go
missing for a few thousand years before you could find your way back.
I spent my first few millenia there and I couldn’t wait until I saved
up enough space dollars so I could strike out on my own. My current
hometown, the Bay Area, like I said before, provides an air quality
that is great for my psoriasis. There’s also this little coffee joint
around the corner that puts cucumber slices in their ice water. I’d
never seen that before and let me tell you, it’s divine.

Where is the best grub in town?
Who told you about Grub? Grub is ten times more addictive than crystal
meth and I’ve seen it completely destroy communities. If you suffer
from a dependence to grub, I urge you to immediately stop reading this
interview and seek help. You’re not alone.

What is the scene like in your hood?
It’s tranquil. Like a Bob Ross painting.

How did you get involved with music?
Music and I have been tight for quite some time. I met music way back
when I was just a little spaceling. Let me tell you this, son, please
don’t take the word “involved” to mean anything more than it does. The
relationship is purely platonic. We’re just friends. Pysch. More like
friends with benefits. Boo yah!

When did you start producing?
That’s sort of a trick question because I think it is well known that
I often travel through time. Sometimes accidentally, but mostly on my
own accord. I started producing music about a thousand earth years ago
in the Amazon basin, but to me it was roughly 3 weeks ago. The
acoustics there are off the hook.

I started producing red, flaky, scaly skin around my hairline about 25
years ago. It’s psoriasis and the doctors tell me that it’s autoimmune
but I suspect it has a lot to do with the introduction of High
Fructose Corn Syrup into the American diet. I’ve since cut out HFCS
and my skin is much better though not cured.

You make AWESOME  productions with great variation and style. What do you use for your production?
When I produce, I enter a trance like state and know not what my body
does. I look around my mansion sometimes at all my equipment and
software and say, “who the hell is using this stuff?” My servant,
Ricardo, he’s a portly, oily being from a planet a few galaxies over,
who can only be perceived by myself and most people with alopecia,
anwers, “it’s yours, Ambassador.” Then I respond, “well I’ll be. Now,
Ricardo, stop farting around and get back to giving my ferns

Having creative ideas isn’t an easy thing, especially getting them out
of your head and actually creating it, Where would you say you get
most of your inspiration?
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I get the
majority of inspiration from these guys. They are geniuses and the
world needs to know. Also, more recently I’ve gotten my inspiration
from my personalized Netflix categories. Who knew I was a fan of 80’s
Raunchy Comedies with a Strong Female Lead? Apparently, Netflix knew
and I think you’ll start to see that influence in my latest music.

Besides music, what are other hobbies do you enjoy doing?
Strengthening my quads is the key to happiness and I work on this
every day. Strong quads = strong mind. That’s a fact. I’m considering
creating what would amount to a 10 part DVD collection of my most
essential quad exercises, but my agent doesn’t think the world is
ready for it yet. I also enjoy working on my blog about celebrities
with superfluous nipples. It’s called thirdnipslip.com. It’s still in
beta testing.

You have awesome style, where does it come from?
I believe it was Minka Kelly who, in my favorite film The Roommate,
was quoting Yves St. Laurent when she said, “Fashion’s fade, style is
eternal.” I’m not exactly sure if this is an appropriate response to
your question, but I’ve been rockin the same suit for milenia and it
still pulls madd tail.

Where has been your favorite place you have preformed at?
Excellent question. Too bad I don’t want to answer it.

You’re newest album is mind blowing.  What does the future hold for
The Polish Ambassador?
Oh, so now you’re delving into “gotcha journalism”. I see how it is.
Trying to set me up to look stupid in front of your drooling
constituency. OK. Fine. I’ll tell you what the future holds for The
Polish Ambassador. I plan on hitting the road hard this Fall to bring
my most dancetastic, booty shaking, genital grinding music to more
fans and new friends. I’ll be releasing even more remixes and a couple
new albums. Damn, are you satisfied!?!?

When are you going to grace us with your Futuristic Sounds in the
Mountains of Salt Lake City?
Hopefully not too long from now. I hear the Salt Lake is great for
people with skin issues like me.

While he is on this side of the galaxy you can see what he is up to by following him on his website and here:

Also make sure to buy his latest album Future Sex Computers.

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