Nationwide Crisis!?!?!?

This weekend was awesome. Got to spend some time with good friends, and almost got to see those good friends pulverize an inexcusable waste of flesh. It was entertaining to say the least.

Shake n’ Pop was a lot of fun on the 6th. Although it wasn’t a huge turnout, Kid Plastik and I had a lot of fun, and it was probably the most positive DJ experience I have had yet.

After great nights, such as this particular one, we ordinarily cannot fend off our hunger for a notorious fast food breakfast menu.

On such a night as this, several months ago, a good friend and I were charged with the duty of picking up several orders of this magical food. Having left for this journey on a different mission, we were reluctant to fill the order. After completing the original mission, which will remain nameless, we returned to the party without the requested breakfast treats.

At this point, getting breakfast menu at 3, 4, or 5 in the morning was becoming quite standard. Apparently this just wasn’t the night for it, being that I was in no mood to fill requests for 6 different people. So you can try to imagine the disappointment we was preparing ourselves to face.

We were met with much dismay and a grand inquisition. To keep the peace amongst the angry villagers, I simply said, “they were closed due to a nationwide crisis.” I went on to say how there was a sign posted that indicated a malfunction in the computer system, which did not allow power to the grills or registers. They were blown away, and in complete disbelief. It became the topic of conversation and stayed that way for many hours, well past breakfast menu time.

Of course, this only lasted for my cohort and I until it was no longer entertaining. Then we gave up the truth. Which included how we were just lazy and had no real desire to stop for all of them. At this point, it was funny for everyone, so there was no longer a chance of being burned alive.

This is where the story gets horribly depressing. So after our magical Shake n’ Pop last Saturday, we decided it was definitely time for some breakfast menu. So we made sure it was 3:00am, and headed on down to our nearest provider. When we arrived, the lights on the intercom were out, and no one else was around. When the intercom perked up, we hear, “sorry, we are not able to place your order due to a computer malfunction.” We kind of just sat there in silence for a second until I thought to say, “are you serious?” Which was only met with, “yes sir, sorry for the inconvenience.”

I tried to wrap my brain around it. I ask, “so you can’t make anything?” To which he replied, “no sir, I am sorry.” I even go so far as to say, “so do the computers power the grill, or something? how can you be completely shut down?” He says, “yes, they do power the grills, there is nothing we can do. sorry.”

We were blown away to say the least. However, this little road block was not going to stop us. There was no way a real nationwide crisis could happen to the kingpin of fast-food joints. So we head to the next location a couple miles away. When we get there, we hear, “sorry, we can only accept cash and have a limited menu due to a computer malfunction, may I take your order.” What in holy hell was happening in my little world. Had I put a hex on the universe due to a little joke? It was impossible, right? NO. Cash only, with an healthy supply of iced coffee’s and yogurt parfaits for the taking. So of course, to make things worse, I have no cash, and zero desire for an iced coffee or a yogurt parfait.

I couldn’t really do anything. I just sat there in disbelief. In reality, I know it is just the breakfast menu, but double eff reality. I want my breakfast burrito. I drove away trying to laugh at the irony, but still a little disappointed. Thus, the night ended at home with 2 minute noodles, and the morning began painfully in the bathroom.

Here is some tracks to go with this story, for no particular reason. I picked them up awhile ago, and completely neglected to share them. Sorry.

Of course DIGIKID84 is from France. Where else would he come from? Check his Myspace. There is a bunch of new tracks in the player, and you can pick up a bunch more from various links on his page.

DigiKid84 – Shot Down

I am hearing more and more amazing stuff everyday from Herve (or The Count, Voodo Chilli, Action Man, Dead Soul Brothers, Speaker Junk, Young Lovers, Machines Don’t Care and possibly part Fake Blood?)(ref. Jaccuzi Killers). He is an extraordinary producer from the UK. Check his page for more

Herve feat. Plastic Little – Cheap Thrills (Armand Van Helden Remix)

You should all be following Fake Blood by now. His remixes are ridiculous, and so is your play list if its still missing FAKE BLOOD.

Fake Blood – Mars (Player Player’s 95 Jump Mix)

I have zero background on this track, and no idea where to start. You can study up on Hermanos Inglesos, and should be plenty familiar with The Toxic Avenger by now.

Hermanos Inglesos – Komodo (The Toxic Avenger Remix)



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One Response to Nationwide Crisis!?!?!?

  1. Jessica J says:

    Your computers control your grill?
    How technologically advanced!
    Well thank you for educating me.
    You’re welcome.

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