Fantastadon + Hot Pink DeLorean

Blogger, Goodbye. I have decided that WordPress will be the official resting place for my sputterings. If anyone is actually following this thing, sorry about the jumping around.

We have a personal affinity for all things Fantastadon, and also for his close friends, Hot Pink DeLorean.

As they venture out into the world of increasing popularity, we follow them with great admiration. Fantastadon just added a new track to his myspace. It is a bruiser, so check it out, and be prepared to get smacked in the face. Hot Pink DeLorean has a plethora of dates coming up which involve most corners of the US. Hit up there myspace and familiarize yourself with their amazing tracks, and make sure you check them out on tour.

Hot Pink Delorean – Freak Night (Fantastadon Remix)

Fantastadon – Anesthesiologist (Hot Pink DeLorean Remix)

Sorry about the lame post, enjoy the awesome music.



About g elect

g elect presents is a fledgling record label and promotions company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was formally founded in 2007. We throw parties, book shows, tours, and celebrate the talented DJs and musicians that the world has to offer.
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