Treasure Fingers + Designer Drugs

Oh my lord, can it be true. Yes, we are finally doing a Designer Drugs and Treasure Fingers post. It is a great day in the world of music when two great names can be mentioned together. Not only in terms of collective awesomeness, but in terms of actually fusing their music.

Yeah, that’s right. Below you will find a little gem that most will be familiar with by now. It’s the club killer “Cross The Dancefloor,” but with the stank of Designer Drugs. I’ve been banging out the Lifelike remix for some time now, but this will have to be part 2 in my retirement of great tracks. After so shamelessly tossing the Black Holes remix of Caked Up yesterday, in favor of the Hot Pink Delorean version, today I must remain consistent.

All those names are highlighted for a reason. It’s because they are links. Now you should all be responsible fans and show these artists some love. The links will take you to their Myspace pages which will open a world of opportunities for you to buy their music, to add them as friends, to find out when they are playing in your area, and to show them how much you adore them.

Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor (Designer Drugs Remix)

I know its a little late for Halloween, or anything along that theme, but I figured you would love me for it anyway. Here is a sweet little unreleased Designer Drugs nugget.

Designer Drugs – Zombies


ps. I am going on vacation on the 6th. Thus I will be absent at Shake N’ Pop @ Trapp Door in Salt Lake City. Go see what its like without me. I will return on the 13th.

Gutter Butter Tonight At Trapp Door w/ Justin Strange
Dance Evolution Thursday At Trapp Door w/ DJ/DC


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