The Hangover Cure: 4.5 of 5

Without fail, I can guarantee a hangover for myself in any of the following instances:

1. Mixing Liquor. Not necessarily the typical, beer before liquor and vice versa things. More like have a beer, have a shot of whiskey, have a redbull and vodka, have a beer, have shot of jäger, and repeat.

2. Going to bed after the sky turns blue.

3. Sleeping for more than 7 hours. Otherwise known as all day. If it’s not 7 hours or less, the day might as well not even have happened.

When I do a combination of two, or God forbid the occasion where I get all three, there is little in the world that caters to my physical body’s disdain for the choices of the mental.

Enter The Hangover Cure, better known as THC. Upon recieving samples of this “magical” product, I of course took it upon myself to put it’s proposed cure, and even my traditiaonal drinking habits to the test.

At the end of the night, when it was time to get to bed (which turned out to be around 6:30 am), we broke out our THC samples, took about 100 pictures of us opening, pouring, mixing, and drinking the stuff. Then went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning (4:30pm) feeling a little hazy on the previous nights events. After piecing things together and looking through the pictures, we remembered our dose of THC. It was right then that we realized that we weren’t hung over. This stuff worked, and now we really wanted food. I’m happy to give a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Missing only a half star because my food came back to bite me in the ass, in a very hangover-like fashion. The flavor isn’t bad either. It was kind of fruity and if you were smart enough, you’d find a way to make a cocktail out of it, killing two birds with one stone. So a half star off for not working miracles, but 4.5 for helping me not miss another day of my life due to a dabilitating hangover.

My only suggestion is to go out and have a great time. If you try to give yourself a hangover to test the product, man I hope you get one. Fortunately for you, there is The Hangover Cure to watch your back.

Click any of the 50 million links to their site and pick some up. Bundled doses make each one cheaper than a beer at the bar.

The Hangover Cure Website
THC on Twitter

Savoy – HateOh8

Cool? Cool. Thanks, bye.



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