Scene in SLC: JSJ

The following is Amanda Chamberlain’s Scene in SLC column for

IN This Week

Scene in SLC: James Glines aka JSJ
by Amanda Chamberlain

Photo: Leah Hogsten For In This Week
JSJ is plugged into Utah’s music and nightlife scene.

“James Glines is a lot of things. He’s a turntable-trained DJ who goes by the name JSJ and often spins at Salt Lake City clubs. He’s the man behind Jessica Something Jewish, an electronic music project he started in 2002 that has released two albums. He’s a producer, a promoter, and oh yeah — he also runs G Elect Records with his wife Jessica Glines, aka DJ Chic Bangs.

But if there’s one thing James Glines is not, it’s conventional.

In November, the local scenemaker started infiltrating clubs and earbuds using a unique combination of online streaming and free downloads. Club kids clicked to to hear JSJ’s first original-music release since early ’08: A dancey, heavy, electro tune called “Phancy Cristofer.” After streaming it for several weeks to incite the interest of would-be fans and remixers, JSJ added a “download” button and gave it away for free.

“People aren’t setting aside money to buy music like they used to,” he says. “I think it’s better to reward them with free tracks for paying attention, rather than charging them for wanting to listen.”

He plans to continue this method into January, sporadically releasing tracks of new music until dropping a full album — he hopes — in Fall 2010.

Watch out, The Faint; if Glines’ tease-and-release method works, you’re gonna get a run for your money.

How has the response been for ‘Phancy Cristofer?’ The response has been pretty good. It has a lot of plays and a handful of downloads. Unfortunately it isn’t one of those songs that you play in your car over and over. It is more of a club track, or something a DJ would sample for his set. The final track will be quite different though. I’m really looking forward to its completion.

Were you a musician first or a DJ? It’s a toss up. I started playing instruments 1997. I played with friends, mostly covering songs, but never live.

At some point around 1999 I had become heavily influenced by hip-hop and turntablism. I decided to buy some turntables, which led to my first performances at house parties and dances.

It wasn’t until about 2002 that I first performed my own original music. It was just me with a guitar. After awhile I started writing ideas for electronic songs, without the means of making them. I was listening to a lot of The Faint, Ladytron, and The Postal Service, and had grown up being heavily influenced by new wave bands. Eventually I saved enough money to buy a basic sequencer and created my first electronic songs.

What programs/equipment do you use? For software I am currently using Reason 4, Ableton 7, Logic Pro 7, and iZotope Ozone 4. For hardware I have a simple Tascam 4 channel interface, a Bluebird mic, an Akai MPK49 MIDI controller, and a Roland MC-505 for samples and sequencing.

Who are your biggest influences? The Faint and Death From Above 1979. You won’t necessarily hear it in my stuff, but I would feel quite lost in this game without their music.

What are your biggest accomplishments? My favorite is touring in Australia and New Zealand. It was a difficult task and I learned a lot about myself, and the music industry. I was also very proud to get my bachelors degree from the University of Utah (GO UTES!)

Describe yourself in a sentence or two: I am determined to find the time to succeed, no matter how many original television series I am committed to.

What’s something you don’t think a lot of people would know about you? I am actually pretty insecure about my music. I am always afraid of letting a song go. Which is probably why it has taken me so long to release new stuff.

What are your hobbies? Outside of music and visual media, nothing really. I used to enjoy snowboarding and skating until my body started falling apart. I really like to make music and visuals and to DJ. It brings me a lot of satisfaction

What are your favorite local hangouts? I am a huge fan of W Lounge. Those kids bring the best talent from around the world, and their parties are in a class of their own. Green Street for the patio and watching sports. Urban Lounge is fun for shows.

What events do you have coming up? Right now we are focused on the studio and completing new music. Everyone can keep up with our parties and music at We are currently doing random giveaways to win gear and certificates from the best local companies in Salt Lake for subscribers to the blog.”

We want to thank Amanda for the amazing interview, we appreciate the support she and In This Week have shown G Elect.

Here is a teaser of JSJ’s new song called “RULES” from the upcoming release “EP”.


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