Exclusive Interview: Flash & Flare

Flash & Flare is a DJ/Producer, Co-Founder of Scenester Siege and crazy party animal. Recently, he was named City Weekly Music Awards DJ of the Year. We were super stoked to see a friend of g elect take home the title, so we asked him to do an exclusive interview. Hit play or download his award winning set, as you get to know Flash & Flare a little better.

Flash & Flare: 2011 CWMA Spin-off
1- Intro-Flash & Flare
2-Criminology-El Michaels Affair
4-C.R.E.A.M. (Flash & Flare Edit)-Wu Tang Clan
5-Cherchez LaGhost(Flash & Flare Edit)-Ghostface Killah
6-Shimmy Shimmy Ya & Uzi-El Michels Affair
7-You [you without yourself]-Haus Arafna
9-You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) (Skykid Moombahton edit)-Tiga
10-Eastern Jam (Moombahtron Moombahcore remix)-Chase and Status
11-Cocaine Blues (Flash & Flare xtra bump edit)-Escort
12-Dancing Machine (Henrik Schwarz Remix)-The Jackson Five
13-Ow!(Para One Remix)-Depressed Buttons
14-My Sitar-Highbloo
15-Shark Attack (Flash & Flare Waka Attack Edit)-Flufftronix
16-Up and Down-Hot 2 Def
17-Big Nut Bust-Big Sean
18-Going Through Hell (Diplo remix)-The Streets

You’ve received a lot of praise for your winning set at the CWMA DJ spin-off party and rightly so. What was your inspiration behind it? What do you think set you apart from the other nominees?
With my set I knew I would have people consciously listening, your under the scope a little and some folks are actually paying attention. So I wanted to have an arrangement of songs that in 20-25 minutes could sum up how I do my thing in my way.
The defining factor that set me apart from the other nominees was my red hair. Think about it, in any competition anywhere, if there is a leprechaun that i can vote for……That’s who i’m voting for! Everytime.

We’ve noticed that when you DJ, you have a knack for reading the crowd and playing music to fit the vibe. What do you feel makes you successful at this?
As far as reading a crowd and reading a vibe…….I think your preparation and organization you do at home is the most important part of playing to the crowd. If your prepared and comfortable playing any type of mood or setting… from there it’s just a matter of throwing out a few lines and seeing which ones get bites. Then you start connecting the dots and the fun begins.

You’ve successfully co-founded Scenester Siege and have brought some amazing artists to Salt Lake City. Who have been your favorites and why?
I really liked a night we had with NADASTROM and TITTSWORTH. They were so on point and they knew it, so everyone was having a blast. Another night was Caspa and the dub police, it was like the W Lounge was picked up and dropped in London. The MC had a heavy british accent and so did each DJ. They brought a cool unique london sound though as well. Oh yeah, and Gas Lamp Killer. Cause he’s like a wild hyena. The Cool Kids show was fun as well.

What are your thoughts about the current music scene in SLC?
I think the music scene is cool. We have neat intimate venues and i think a lot of shows in our city are memorable for the artists and the fans. I really wish our last call was later though, that could really get the fiesta rumblin.

Aside from music, what are your interests/hobbies?
I really enjoy camping and backpacking. Every winter I’m bummed i can’t go, and at the end of every summer I don’t feel like i went enough. I also like fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Add some extreme moose tracks ice cream, a movie, and all my pals and you got a spicy time.

What is your favorite hangover cure?
A brown sugar & some blue dream.

Which of the Beethoven movies is your favorite?
The second, duh.

What does the future hold for Flash & Flare?
In the near future i’ll be throwing out some edits/bootleg remixes. Scenester Siege is continually expanding and will continue to bring fun acts to Salt Lake. I’m very excited about some shows we have coming up. For all announcements and shows you can peep facebook.com/flaredaddy or facebook.com/flashandflare.


About g elect

g elect presents is a fledgling record label and promotions company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was formally founded in 2007. We throw parties, book shows, tours, and celebrate the talented DJs and musicians that the world has to offer.
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