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Class Actress

Class Actress is an Electro Pop Trio from Brooklyn made up of Elizabeth Harper, Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal. Self-described as, “Depeche Mode meets early Madonna and Five Star as played on KTU Radio in the leather backseat of a … Continue reading

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Holy crap this is funny!

So funny. Hope you liked it. I have posted this Little Boots track before, but I am posting it again because she made it onto the New Moon soundtrack, and I think that’s pretty cool. Little Boots – New In … Continue reading

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These ladies got their work cut out for them, particularly against each other. I’m talking about Ellie Goulding, Little Boots, and the girl from The Dø. I’m not sure much of a battle is actually raging between them. These girls … Continue reading

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Just a friendly reminder. One week from this Saturday: KLAW is a DJ and clothing designer who throws huge weekly dance parties called, “Mommy’s Little Monster” in Denver and Las Vegas. On April 25th, he will be joining residents JSJ … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Candie and Rick!

Happy Birthday Brother. Rick Glines turns 31 today. Man that sounds old. Happy Birthday to Candie Brown. She turns 27 today. Friends of Candie can head over to her house around 7:00 pm tonight. Bring your own meat to grill, … Continue reading

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